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Update 4/4/2016 238.1->238.3

 -Fixed an issue that was creating too many Beavers/Beaver-Dams. 
  Requires server update.
 -Increased Eurypterid spawn frequency by 60%
 -Rhino can now be picked up by Quetz
 -New Saddles are now craftable on Beaver-Smithy
 -Official Extinction Event servers now have 2x-3x settings
 -Rhino tames 40% faster
 -Non-Official Extinction Event servers will now auto-restart properly
 -Reduced Dunkleosteus maximum Torpor

Update 4/2/2016 237.4->238.1

Unversioned Hotfix (Client-side): Fixed incorrect terrain materials.
 -Fixed a server startup crash from v280.0 ;)
 -Server admins please update to v238.1!
 -New 'Dino': Woolly Rhino!
 -New 'Dino': Eurypterid!
 -New 'Dino': Dunkleosteus!
 -New "Extinction" Servers which reset after each month, with an in-game countdown and dramatic meteor impact!
 -Fixed Wild Beaver Dams Spawns

Update 3/30/2016 237.1->237.4

 -Improved shader loading speed by approximately 25% (faster load times, less stalls)
 -Fixed issue where you couldn't board Flyers when nearby (but outside of) Caves.Requires Server Update.
[237.3] (No official patch notes)
 -Fixed low EasterEgg drop rate (remember Bunny Oviraptors are best!)
 -Fixed Caves not unloading under some circumstances when leaving them (was wasting client performance and also causing some wrong visuals)
 -Fixed day lighting affecting new Cave interiors
 -Fixed stored Easter Eggs disappearing after server restarts

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